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CLIENT: The Life Foundation


  • Digital Branding
  • Info Architecture
  • Web Design and Programming
  • Photo Acquisition
  • Maintenance


We love working for organizations that perform a selfless service. This is the synergy we found with The Life Foundation. They had a very old website that was not responsive for mobile and did not feature a modern branding. We were able to give them a site that very simply states their mission and illustrates all their services with great photography that we either shot ourselves or acquired online.

Result: This is what their founder and CEO says:

“When I started thinking about a new website for The Life Foundation, I realized that I needed more than just technologists. I also needed people who would dig a little deeper, fully understand our philosophy and mission and then ensure that both were reflected in the design. Hands Off Web was the right choice. Their logo design, graphic approach and photography were all spot on. And they integrated it all into a website that exudes warmth and humanity. Cannot thank them enough.”

— Barnett Davis III, Founder and CEO, The Life Foundation —


The Life Foundation had been using a very nice logo for a long time. “Long time” is the operational phrase. We thought they could use a more modern look based upon their old design. Additionally, the new logo is in a vector form that can better survive multiple usages.


Old Version

logo life institute

New Version

holistic design life institute


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