Welcome to MyGPT at Hands Off Web. Here, we offer innovative AI solutions designed to enhance everyday tasks and creativity. From generating unique business ideas to personalizing travel plans, our range of MyGPT services provides practical and creative assistance. Discover how our AI tools can simplify and enrich various aspects of your life.

Cash Concept Creator

Professional GPT for brainstorming money-making MyGPT ideas.

Quick Flix Finder

No more endless indecisive scrolling on Netflix! Give us your preference and that of your movie mates, and we will use the power of ChatGPT to give you up to 5 great choices that make everyone happy.

Self Promoter

Scripts an engaging 30-second “elevator pitch” for self-promotion.

Adventure Finder

Whether you are traveling to the ends of the earth or just up for an other-worldly dinner, I’ll source it out and plan it for you.

Recipe Snapshot

Photograph your plate and get a recipe.

Big Mess Organizer

Organizes/summarizes meeting, personal or homework notes, email and text threads.